A plan for educational future

Greetings from my529, Utah’s educational savings plan. We would love to share with you how our plan provides a path to New Jersey students’ educational goals.

  • 25 years helping families
  • Go to school almost anywhere
  • Why a 529 plan?
  • Why my529?

my529 is Utah’s official and only 529 educational savings plan. For over 25 years, we have helped students and their families work toward their future education and career goals. We also offer financial advisors the ability to access and manage their clients’ 529 accounts.

A future mapped, a plan to get there

New Jersey has myriad, top-notch options for education—including state schools, private universities, community colleges, and trade and technical schools. And the state is ranked 3rd in the nation for higher education with an undergraduate graduation rate of 70%. New Jersey also boasts excellent K-12 institutions, including private and faith-based.

With education costs on the rise, saving early and often for college helps defray future costs.

Why a 529 plan?

There are many vehicles to save for your child(ren)’s education, but did you know saving in a 529 account provides you with added benefits? Your investment grows tax-free and the funds are also free of federal and state income taxes when withdrawn for qualified education expenses.

Plus, the funds can be used at any eligible educational institution on Earth (including New Jersey) that is eligible to participate in a federal student aid program. They can also be a great tool for estate planning. Ask your advisor for more details.

Why my529?

my529 works with families directly or through an advisor to provide a quality investment vehicle for educational expenses at all levels.

What Utah’s plan offers:

Low fees. As a direct-sold plan with no commissions, my529 is one of the most affordable 529 plans in the country.

Nationally ranked. Consistent winner of Morningstar’s top honor for 529 plans.

Investment options. An array to choose from, including two Customized options. Learn more.

Support for financial advisors. Digital processes, advisor-friendly tools, access to clients’ accounts and a dedicated my529 support team.

Whether you work to save on your own or with a financial advisor, my529 is here to work with you toward the future.

We invite you to contact us directly by calling or ask your advisor to add my529 to your financial planning.