Exciting changes this summer from my529

my529 will enhance offerings for account owners

We are:

  • Moving Age-Based investment options to Enrollment Date investment options.
  • Providing a Net Asset Value (NAV), or a unit price, for each option.
  • Adding ticker symbols to each option to facilitate tracking on financial platforms.

If you own an Age-Based option.

Your account will be moved automatically to an Enrollment Date option on July 14. The Age-Based options will be retired. The transition will not count as an option change, and no action is required on your part.

The Enrollment Date options have a smoother glide path than the Age-Based options, reducing the risk of locking in losses after a market downturn. They offer more flexibility when selecting an investment, whether for higher education or K-12 tuition. You can also adjust for risk tolerance.

Static and Customized investment options are not affected by the Enrollment Date transition.

The value of your account.

The NAV for each option will reflect the value of the units you own rather than the value of the underlying funds.

Track your investment.

We’re excited that the options will now have ticker symbols, making it possible for you to track your investments online. You can even use your personal finance software.

my529 is proud to be your 529, helping to make your beneficiaries’ educational dreams a reality.

For more information on the changes, read our brochure.

Please review the fees and the allocations table for the new Enrollment Date options.