Morningstar, Kiplinger give UESP high marks

The Utah Educational Savings Plan continues to be recognized as one of the best plans in the country by respected investment experts.

Increased Gift Tax Exclusion Is Good News for 529 College Savers

The IRS’s move to raise the annual gift tax exclusion to $15,000 from $14,000 has useful implications for your clients who have UESP college savings accounts.

UESP Quarterly Statements Reflect July’s Glide Path Changes

The quarterly statements showing account transactions and balances for the period of July through September reflect important changes to predetermined and customized age-based accounts that went into effect on July 14.

UESP’s FDIC-Insured Investments May Surprise You

Cautious investors who want their 529 accounts protected from market fluctuations might find UESP’s FDIC-insured investment products are worth a look.

How to Make an Investment Option Change

UESP’s recent glide path changes present an opportunity for you to evaluate your client’s investment option and possibly consider a different approach.

An Explanation of UESP User Roles for Advisors

Financial firms have three user types for administering UESP accounts—Master Administrator, Administrators, and Associates—with each allowing various capabilities.

2017 Year-End Deadlines

A list of year-end deadlines for transactions with UESP.

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