Another win for Utah!

my529, Utah’s 529 educational savings plan, earned a Morningstar Analyst Rating™ of Gold for 529 plans in 2018. Morningstar analysts praised my529’s robust investments, low fees, and exceptional state oversight as reasons they believe my529 will serve investors well over the long term. my529 is the third-largest direct-sold plan in the nation. View the report here.

my529 has now earned the Morningstar Gold rating for eight years in a row. In a separate, detailed plan breakdown, Morningstar recognized the flexibility and “high level of investor choice” my529 investment options give account owners, and the strength of the underlying investments from Vanguard and Dimensional. Morningstar noted the addition of a PIMCO stable value fund to my529’s offerings.

“The underlying funds available in the custom investment options, as well as additional stand-alone choices, are a mix of proven strategies,” Morningstar wrote.

my529’s low fees and “appealing set of investment options” will satisfy both Utah residents and account owners nationwide, according to Morningstar.


 A Morningstar Analyst RatingTM for a 529 college savings plan is not a credit or risk rating. Analyst ratings are subjective in nature and should not be used as the sole basis for investment decisions. Morningstar does not represent its analyst ratings to be guarantees. Please visit for more information about the analyst ratings, as well as other Morningstar ratings and fund rankings.