Managing a my529 account just got easier

Updated features on the LPOA platform affect beneficiary changes, e-signatures, and withdrawals

You may find a couple of new features on the my529 limited power of attorney (LPOA) platform that make it easier to administer your clients’ educational savings accounts. Our LPOA platform updated the processes for beneficiary changes, e-signatures, and withdrawal requests. We also want to remind you that we now offer a stable value fund.

Beneficiary change

If the beneficiary is changed on an account with LPOA authorization, the LPOA relationship will no longer be severed. my529 recently communicated the change to your team and existing account owners who have authorized LPOA access.

DocuSign Form 300 — Withdrawal Request 

You now can use e-signatures on my529 Withdrawal Requests (Form 300). With all DocuSign forms, use the LexisNexis knowledge-based authentication as the method of ID verification. Follow this link for instructions and a list of forms that are accepted with DocuSign.

PIMCO stable value fund 

my529 has added the PIMCO Interest Income Fund, a stable value fund, as an underlying investment to all predetermined Age-Based investment options. The new fund is also available as an optional underlying investment in Customized Age-Based and Customized Static accounts. Check out the new PIMCO Interest Income Fund.