Additional forms now accepted via DocuSign

my529 has increased the number of forms that can be completed with a DocuSign electronic signature. Although DocuSign offers several modes of authentication, my529 will only accept knowledge-based authentication using LexisNexis. If you would like to forgo using a notary and sign electronically, we accept the following forms using DocuSign:

  • Form 100 (Individual Account Agreement)
  • Form 102 (Institutional Account Agreement)
  • Form 104 (UGMA/UTMA Account Agreement)
  • Form 200 (Automated Contributions)
  • Form 210 (Incoming Direct Rollover: 529 Plan or Coverdell ESA)*
  • Form 300 (Withdrawal Request)
  • Form 400 (Internal Transfers)
  • Form 405 (Option Change)0
  • Form 710 (Entity Limited Power of Attorney Authorization)
  • Form 760 (Manual Bank Account Authorization for Financial Advisor Withdrawals)

*While my529 accepts Form 210 in DocuSign format, other 529 plans may not. Check your plan to confirm.

Here is our DocuSign Instruction guide, which you can retain for your records. Call us if you have any questions.