my529 reduces costs for account owners

Vanguard investments move to new share class; savings passed on

Two Vanguard funds used in my529 investment options qualify for a new share class, and that means reduced costs for most account owners.

The volume of the my529 Trust’s investment in the two underlying funds—the Total Stock Market Index Fund and FTSE Social Index Fund—allows my529 to obtain a lower cost share class.

Currently, 77% of account owners are invested in a my529 investment option that features one of these underlying funds. my529 estimates that account owners will collectively save more than $485,000 on an annual basis.

This is the second time in two months that account owners have benefited from lower costs. On October 1, my529 lowered the Administrative Asset Fee on 12 of its 13 investment options, saving approximately $2.3 million annually across my529 account owners.