Meet the team

We know connections are important as an advisor. Take a few moments to get to know two members of the my529 Professional Services team, Andrea Kekacs and Rachel Adams.

(From left) Andrea Kekacs, Rachel Adams

How long have you worked at my529?

Andrea: Six years, and on the Professional Services Team for four years.
Rachel: Four years, with two of those years on the Professional Services Team.

What is your educational background?

Andrea: I have a bachelor’s in psychology with a minor in family studies. I’ve always been interested in family dynamics and the underpinnings to human behavior.
Rachel: I received my Bachelor of Science in urban ecology from the University of Utah. I loved learning about cities and how our built environment affects people.

What do you enjoy most about working at my529?

Andrea: I enjoy providing great customer service to our advisors, and finding solutions to issues and answering questions centered on 529s and education. It is always a treat to meet advisors face-to-face at industry conferences and in their offices
Rachel: I have really enjoyed learning so much about personal finance and finance in general since working at my529. I find it to be rewarding work to ensure that financial advisors have the best experience with my529 so that their positive experience works its way down to their clients as well.

How have you managed your time during the pandemic?

Andrea: At the beginning of the pandemic I took up running and yoga and continue to enjoy both. I recently dusted off my guitar and am taking lessons.
Rachel: I’ve been focusing on maintaining and building connections with people. My family and friends have been essential to my mental health during the pandemic. But Netflix and wine have also helped!

What has been a recent life change for you?

Andrea: I made the decision to capitalize on great interest rates last year and purchased my first home.
Rachel: During the last year, I’ve moved into a great new place and adopted two kittens. They keep me company while I continue to mostly work from home.

What are your post-pandemic plans?

Andrea: Ireland is on my bucket list, as well as paragliding. Maybe I will tackle those two in the coming months.
Rachel: I suppose it’s not quite post-pandemic, but I have a solo trip to Paris planned for this November. I’m excited to experience some international travel again in the most beautiful city.