my529’s allocation and fee calculators help you build unique customized investment options for your clients.

With the Customized Age-Based Allocation and Fee Calculator or the Customized Static Allocation and Fee Calculator, you can help clients design age-based or static investment options that fit their unique investment strategies, tolerance for risk, and investment timelines.

The calculators are interactive. They open in separate windows so numerous age-based and static calculators can be viewed at the same time. This allows your client to compare different allocation scenarios that, with your guidance, he or she creates from among the underlying investments offered by my529.

As you enter—or remove—an underlying fund, the calculator automatically adds—or subtracts—the estimated fees associated with the investment option you are designing.

When your client is satisfied with his or her allocation choices, you can transfer them to your client’s Account Access to create his or her preferred customized age-based or static investment option.

Click here to open either calculator: