Protect vital client and advisor information

my529 provides a high level of security for advisors and their clients, assuring you that accounts and personal information are protected.

Security for advisors

To help protect advisors and clients, my529 requires registration for firms, advisors and each individual user on the advisor platform. Registration allows the firm/advisor to customize user access and provides an additional layer of security.

The firm has a designated master administrator who registers authorized users from the firm and gives them appropriate permissions for their role, allowing transactional and/or administrative functions. Master administrators also determine which accounts users can access.

Master administrators will share a unique, system-generated PIN with each user that will be needed to establish login credentials and complete registration. If a user calls my529 for information regarding client accounts, they will verify their identity with the PIN.

It is important that any employee from your firm who may call regarding client accounts be added as a user.  This helps enhance the security at my529 for your firm, as well as protect your clients’ accounts.

Find step-by-step information in my529’s Managing LPOA and User Settings guide.