Manage your clients’ accounts through your online portal

The new and improved Financial Advisor Portal celebrates one year of providing you a digital blueprint to help you build and manage your clients’ college savings accounts.

Gone are the days of having to rely on a notarized form to manage your clients’ accounts. Instead, opt to use our digital onboarding experience to open accounts for multiple clients at the same time. Or take advantage of your own DocuSign platform to open accounts and link to your firm.

Depending on what limited power of attorney level your client has granted, you can perform additional transactions like automated contributions, transfers between accounts and qualified withdrawals through the portal.

Here are some guides to assist you in supporting client accounts:

Docusign authorization guide

Online account opening guide

Rollover guide

Linking client accounts guide


my529 has many ways to assist you in guiding your clients toward their goal of saving for qualified higher education expenses. Visit or give us a call at 888.529.1886 for more information.