Meet the team

Here’s a glimpse into the lives of two members of the my529 Professional Services Team—Abby Martin and Katie Turner.

Consider these contribution methods

529 plans are one way to connect with your clients at any stage in their children’s lives. You’re able to suggest how their accounts can receive a major shot in the arm or a regular dose of new funds.

Where’s my rollover?

Among the documents you can access through your my529 advisor portal is the Rollover Summary Report, which shows your status of all rollovers.

my529 revamps Static investment options

Effective March 4, my529 made some robust enhancements to the Static investment option lineup that may add value for your clients.

New stand-alone Stable Value Static option

my529 is now offering a stand-alone Stable Value investment option with a 100% allocation of the PIMCO Interest Income Fund.

my529 turns 25

In 2021, my529 celebrates 25 years of helping families across the country prepare and invest for future qualified higher education expenses.

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