Where’s my rollover?

If you are wondering about the status of your rollover(s), jump into your my529 advisor portal.

Among the documents you can access through your my529 advisor portal is the Rollover Summary Report, which shows your status of all rollovers.

  1. Click on the Reports link in the navigation, then choose LPOA Rollover Summary Report toward the bottom.
  2. A new page will allow you narrow your search.
  3. The generated report will include the current status, the completion date, if applicable, and what kind of rollover each account owner has initiated.

my529 has many resources to help you and your clients with various aspects of their my529 account(s).  If you want to initiate a rollover from another 529 plan, we have a handy guide for you to follow. Complete with step-by-step directions and rollover tips, setting up the rollover is simple and easy.

If you have several clients who wish to rollover funds, check out this article on how my529 can help you automate the process by using our prefill service.