my529 accepts DocuSign for certain forms

my529 makes the filing of many forms easy by accepting DocuSign for electronic signature.

All electronic signatures must be verified using LexisNexis knowledge-based authentication software.

LexisNexis is an industry leader in the verification of identity and security protection for account owners. Their knowledge-based authentication (KBA) tools are among the best in their class. KBA questions are security questions unique to the individual that are used to verify identity. my529 only accepts LexisNexis for KBA.

DocuSign works best for clients with established credit and public record histories who are able to answer the KBA questions presented within the DocuSign process. People with little credit or public record history—such as younger clients or those with limited credit history—may have a harder time as the LexisNexis verification may struggle to generate questions.

If you would like to take advantage of the convenience of signing electronically, my529 accepts the following forms using DocuSign:

  • Form 100 (Individual Account Agreement)
  • Form 102 (Institutional Account Agreement)
  • Form 104 (UGMA/UTMA Account Agreement)
  • Form 200 (Automated Contributions)
  • Form 210 (Incoming Direct Rollover: 529 Plan or Coverdell ESA)*
  • Form 300 (Withdrawal Request)
  • Form 400 (Internal Transfers)
  • Form 405 (Option Change)
  • Form 710 (Entity Limited Power of Attorney Authorization)
  • Form 760 (Manual Bank Account Authorization for Financial Advisor Withdrawals)

We continually review the opportunity to allow more forms to be accepted using DocuSign. According to my529’s Chief Compliance Officer Greg Dyer, “my529 and the Professional Services Team are always looking to expand our acceptable methods of identity verification.”

All forms require a signature, either through DocuSign or a physical signature. my529 accepts physically signed forms sent to us in the mail, by fax, or by email. “The only exception is when a form requires a signature guarantee or MSG (Medallion Signature Guarantee). In those instances, we need the physical document sent to us with the physical signature that has been guaranteed,” said John Andrus, Director of Operations for my529.

*While my529 accepts Form 210 in DocuSign format, other 529 plans may not. Check with your plan to confirm.

Here is our my529-LPOA-DocuSign-Guide, which you can retain for your records. You can reach the Professional Services Team with questions at 888.529.1886 or