Go Digital, Tee Up New UESP Accounts for Clients Online

Opening a Utah Educational Savings Plan (UESP) account for a new client or multiple clients typically has been a time-consuming, paper-driven process. Now you can “Tee Up” new accounts through your Account Access at beta.advisor.my529.org.

Less paperwork

The new online process is fast, cost-effective, and transparent. You don’t need to obtain client signatures on an Individual Account Agreement (form 100) or a notarized Entity Limited Power of Attorney Authorization (form 710) to open a UESP account and add limited power of attorney (LPOA) access. The entire process is completed online, and status updates allow you to track the progress of the account setup.

Upload a spreadsheet

The new account upload feature allows you to open a UESP account for a single client or multiple clients. Using a spreadsheet template, you can upload all of your clients at the same time. Each new UESP account will be automatically linked to your LPOA authorization.

To get started, log in to your firm’s online Account Access, click on the Account Upload button, and follow the prompts.

When you upload the completed spreadsheet and verify the accuracy of the information by clicking “Accept,” UESP sends an email to your client. The email contains a link to a step-by-step process to establish the account(s) and grant your firm LPOA authorization. Please note, your client will need to verify his or her identity by answering a series of knowledge-based authentication questions.

Client review

Your client has 10 calendar days to review the email and set up the account. Upon your client’s acceptance, the account is activated, and you are granted LPOA authority to perform specific transactions on your client’s behalf.

With the new account upload feature, you have more insight and greater control over the process to open UESP accounts. Start now.

Download a tutorial

LPOA Account Upload Guide for Advisors

LPOA Account Upload Guide to What Your Client Needs to Do