Are we talking to the right person?

Help us set up the primary contact for questions concerning your firm’s accounts

my529 wants to ensure that we are working with your organization as efficiently as possible. When your firm established a relationship with us, the master administrator was listed as the primary contact by default. However, you might prefer communications sent to someone else in your office.

At my529, we have a simple process to assign a different primary contact for all of your accounts, or for a few specific accounts.

To reassign a primary contact, log in to the financial advisor site. Navigate to the menu on the left sidebar and click on Admin. When the dropdown appears, select Manage Users.

The Manage Users page shows all users registered to your account.

Please note: If the primary contact that you are assigning is a new user, you will need to select the blue + sign at the bottom of the screen, enter their contact information, and select save to store their profile.

At the far right of each user profile, you will see three dots. Clicking on the three dots takes you to a box where you have options to view the advisor, assign a primary contact, or deactivate your account. Select Assign Primary Contact from this list of options.

You will now have the option of assigning all accounts, specific accounts, or no accounts to the primary contact shown.